Mission of 3Q Training

3Q Training advances personal development through whole brain training, which unlocks full human potential, and results in greater fulfilment and higher performance.

Why Whole Brain Training?

Whole brain training combines three principal dimensions of intelligence: intellectual intelligence (IQ), emotional intelligence (EQ) and spiritual intelligence (SQ), which together represent the three Qs.

High Performance

The three Qs activate the whole brain, unlike IQ or EQ on their own, which are part-brain functions. By training the whole brain, 3Q Training unlocks full human potential, and thus achieves high performance.

The Three Qs

3Q Training Programs

3Q Life Skills for School Pupils

3Q Tutor for School Teachers

3Q STEPS Program for College Students

3Q Workplace for Employees

3Q Leadership for Executives

3Q Startups for Entrepreneurs

3Q SMEs for Small & Medium Enterprises

3Q Organisational Development for Corporations

3Q Practitioner Training Course for Trainers and Coaches


3Q Communities

Communities of 3Q Students, 3Q Associates, and 3Q Professionals are hosted in Google+ circles. Membership of 3Q Communities is free to all participants in 3Q Training Programs. 3Q Community Members have access to ongoing training and support. 3Q Communities are here.


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    1. Hello Aruna, Thank you for your enquiry. Your email has been forwarded to our representatives in your area, and they will be in touch with you.

    1. The 3Q SMEs Program introduces High Performance Business Management to small and medium enterprises, in the form of Partnership Business Management (PBM) allied with 3Q culture. The 3Q SMEs Program is six months in duration, consisting of an 18 hours Foundation stage, followed by a six month one hour per week Development stage.

      The Senior 3Q Practitioner Training Course prepares suitably qualified trainers to present the 3Q SMEs Program. The Senior 3Q Practitioner Training Course lasts three months, and follows on from the Basic 3Q Practitioner Training Course, which also takes three months. So it takes six months in all for training and certification as a presenter of the 3Q SMEs Program, for candidates who are already suitably qualified. For more information about training as a 3Q Practitioner, please visit this page.

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